July 21,2022

Park City, Utah

May 27,2022

Houston, TX

February 11,2022

Salt Lake City, Utah

January 19,2022

Las Vegas, NV

SHOT Show is the largest and most comprehensive trade show for all professionals involved with the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries.

September 17,2021

Longtime fan and new HHA Sports partner Gregg Ritz joins The HHAUSA Podcast this week. We discuss a wide range of topics beginning with the excitement and anticipation that comes with another hunting season.

July 22,2021

Park City, Utah

April 29,2021

For The Love of the Hunt, featuring Gregg Ritz

March 28,2021

We finally get to sit down with our buddy Ernie Santana as well as Gregg Ritz to talk about how the last season of Hunt Masters went. Gregg lets us know how we did on the first edit ands Ernie talks about what its like being on camera for an entire deer season in the stand. This one gets deep into some story telling as well as how important planning and teamwork is to a successful production.

March 27,2021

Try to remember your first time holding a fishing rod, your first hunting trip, your first venture into the wilderness. Odds are that you weren’t alone. Most of us were shown the way by our parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts. Whether you got this impression or not, they demonstrated a lot of patience and thoughtfulness to get us out there, and to keep us interested. Read More…